About Us

In today's world we seem to be moving faster and faster each day. For homeschool parents this is especially true. You've chosen to pour your life, encouragement, and time into building a firm foundation for your child. You are preparing them to stand with principle, serve when called to, and lead when needed. My wife and I are on this same journey with our three sons, which has opened my eyes to the need for parents to be encouraged and uplifted from time-to-time through the words and wisdom of others.
I hope that the broadcasts we've put together from My Homeschool Connection will serve this purpose in your life. We'd love to know how we might continue to serve you through our offerings. Please write to us at info@myhomeschoolconnection.com and share your ideas or the name of someone who has inspired you on your homeschooling journey.
Our Mission
To help encourage and uplift parents of homeschool children in their educational adventure.

Vision statement
To serve the needs of homeschool parents through the delivery of world class presenters directly into their home through the use of technology in the areas of:
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Regulatory updates
  • Curriculum management
  • Sports management
  • Spiritual encouragement
  • Success stories
  • Road maps for success
We'd love to hear your ideas or suggestions
for future speakers or topics.
Send us your thoughts by emailing us at
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